Saturday, 21 March 2009

Weekly Reading March 20

Significator: Wheel of Fortune

2 – The Light: Page of Swords

3 – How sometimes you move into the shadow: The High Priest

4 – The Shadow: Ace of Wands

5 – How you can move into the light: Five of Wands

Looking at these cards sums up pretty much how I’m feeling health wise at the moment. I seem to have positives acting negative and vice versa. Getting The Wheel of Fortune as a significator says it all, I think.

Oh – foremost on my mind is my upcoming visit to the cardio unit early April, to sort out my abnormal condition.

I’ve never used a significator in tarot before so here goes…


Well, The Wheel of Fortune says it all, huh? Who knows what the doctor will say, or what tests they’ll want to do. My own doctor says an ECG and that’ll show them what tablets I need. Others I’ve talked to say they hope it’ll be that simple. So do I!

The one thing that does make me feel a little warmer about seeing this card is the fact that it has a spirit guide looking down on the riders. I really hope that this means my guides are telling me they’re watching and I’m going to be fine!

2 – The Light
Hmmm…The Page of Swords. I’m a bit surprised to find this card here because we’re talking about learners and messengers. I’m a learner with hospital ways, and this condition – perhaps a message again to say I’m thinking too much and it’s not helping me…?

3 - How sometimes you move into the shadow: The High Priest
This is very peculiar that the guy who I’d respect highly for religion, inner strength and knowledge - well, really seems to be warning me away here in this position.
I guess again, I need to chill about everything!

4 – The Shadow
This is creeping me out. I’ve been getting this Ace quite a lot lately and she’s been so supportive in my weight loss forum. All I can think is that in this instance, she’s telling me I don’t have my balance right, in this instance.

5 - How you can move into the light:
All I can think of with this Five of Wands is to fight when I need to. I’m going to be very careful as to what tablets I take, which sounds very flippant of me but I made a decision like this fifteen years ago about tablets for arthritis, too.
Had I taken my then doctor’s advice I’d have been on medication all this time. I knew I didn’t need them, so I refused and it’s been one of the best decisions I ever made. Still arthritis doesn’t plague me, although I’m told it will later in life.

Anyway, that’s my reading. To be honest, I don’t like it, I think it’s very negative and I’m disappointed. I almost decided not to post it here, but we have to take the bad with the good.

And I so looked forward to this spread! I think I’ll use it again very soon.

I actually thought about my choice of subject to do the reading about but as soon as I saw the Wheel, the hospital appointment sprung to mind. That’s why I decided to depress everyone who reads this…!!


  1. The Page of Swords could show that you have fighting spirit and that you are prepared to fight your corner with medication if you need to. Possibly the High Priest represents medical figures and possibly that your worry about them is putting you in the shadows. (((())))

  2. I agree with Essjay on the HP representing medical figures here... the authority they carry and the fear they sometimes inspire. The Page of Swords gives you the flexibility and curiousity you need to find things out for yourself.

    The Ace of Wands... I don't know if you read with reversals at all, but at one end of the spectrum (most easily detected with a card reversal), the Ace of Wands represents blocked life force. With any form of dis-ease, the life force is blocked. Again the Page could help you detect where and what you need to do about it.

    If the Wheel is YOU, then YOU have a lot more power to change things than you think you do.

    So yeah, keep fighting for what you intuitively feel is right in the 5 of Wands spirit!

  3. Thank you very much for these insights, Essjay and Lisa.

    Essjay - I never thought about the High Priest being a medical figure trying to dominate me, but that makes so much sense! And the Page there helping me fight my corner - thank you!

    Lisa - I did think of the wheel as me, but I saw it as the results could go either way, serious or not so. I love that I have the power to make the wheel go the way I want. Why didn't I think of that?

    I don't use reversals but who knows? Maybe I do have some sort of blockage.

    Anyway, thank you both very much. I was quite depressed with this reading and you've both made me feel much better.


  4. I don't think that you need to take this as all negative, and I'd say that the key for a better interpretation is in your attitude toward arthritis medication. The light is that you learn all you can (and form your own opinions). You can be led into the shadow by excess dependence on "the authorities", such as the doctor whose advice, if you'd taken it, would have had you on arthritis pills all these years! I'm not sure how the Ace of Wands fits in (but Lisa's idea seems good). But your take on the Five of Wands seems very appropriate! You can take control!

  5. I've had the High Priest come up as a medical figure before. I didn't see it that way at the time, but it made sense to me afterwards. :)

    The Page has also come up for me when I've been defending something that I believe in, and have been seen as silly and naive for it ~ I can see some doctors seeing you that way, for your cautiousness where medication is concerned, but I understand where you're coming from.

  6. Thanks guys, much food for thought! :)