Sunday, 3 May 2009

Weekly Reading May 3

We've decided to buy a tent for a few day/weekends away this summer, (we used to camp all the time years ago)so I thought I'd draw a card to get a little insight.

Knight of Cups

Hmm...I've always seen this guy as too much of a dreamer. While the other Knights in the deck are interested in action and getting on, all this guy wants to get on with is his latest lament to a new pretty girl he's seen.

As usual, he's in a dream in this deck. So, looking for the positives...

It's a night time scene. There's an old Tudor house in the background. On the site we're planning to go to in the lake district, the pub is an old barn that's been converted, and it's beautiful. I'm wondering if we're going to meet people and enjoy ourselves, and come home with good memories. He has a rose that's he's enjoying - I wonder if everything's going to come up smelling of roses?

I certainly hope so!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Weekly Reading April 27

Couldn't find anything to read about as such, so I did one based on my husband's overtime.

How long will it go on?

The Moon and Eight of Pentacles.

Amusing, really. For the first time ever, my husband is working after's because of a backlog of bins promised to the NHS in record time. He's not getting home until 1.30 am. This was all last week, and it was supposed to be a 'one time only', but he now has at least another one to do.

I go to bed at 10.30 because I'm up at so I'm alone and it feels strange.

The Eight of Pentacles agrees with The Moon and shows there's more hard work to be done yet!

PS...Sorry the pic's blurred!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Weekly Reading April 18

Again, this is a reading I did for the weightwatcher's challenge.

How I see myself now – Two of Wands

Where would I like to see myself – King of Pentacles

How do I conquer cravings – Ace of Cups

How I see myself now – Two of Wands
How topical! The guy on this card is sat at a crossroads, but this is one with a difference. Not only can he go left and right, he can also go up and down!

Having got to where the people that matter say I should be, I personally still feel like I still have a choice, albeit a small one. I totally refuse go to up much again, but I wouldn’t mind pleading ignorance and going a couple of pounds lighter. I looked at my BMI online after a friend warned me that I was dangerously close to the edge and I found that I’m 21.6 and I can go down to 18.something! Hmmm…decisions, decisions…

Having said that, it’s probably not the right time of year to lose more, anyway. Summer approaches, and that means bank holidays, and that means eating out, and that means dinners and puddings!

So, I may be at these crossroads for some time to come yet. In the past, I’ve always done the best of my dieting in the autumn and winter. I can’t even eat summery foods because I don’t like salads!

Where would I like to see myself – King of Pentacles
Now, I’ve always loved this guy. I see him as a pillar of society. He’s serious and hardworking, even though I know the ‘All work and no play…’ can come into force here.

Would I ever be him? I doubt that very much! The sheer thought of all the hard work I’d have to put in makes me feel tired! So how would I be like him? Well, I’ve successfully lost my weight and I can (and do!) encourage others by telling them that if I can do it, then so can they. Me with a sweet tooth that can beat any child I know, and an award winning fish and chip shop across the road from me – especially now that new potatoes will soon be coming into season…chips made with those…droooooll!!

But – I must be good! As I said, I really love this guy, and to be likened to him would in my opinion be a privilege.

How do I conquer cravings – Ace of Cups
This one’s a little more difficult. At first I thought that it would be for the love of my family who think it’s fantastic that I’ve lost my weight. But how does the saying go? ‘You have to learn to love yourself first’. I’ve never taken much notice of that before, I must admit. Just an ordinary person – I couldn’t find a great deal about myself to go into raptures about! But now to a certain extent I can. I both look and feel much better and healthier. I cringe at holiday pictures taken over the last few years. I love that my clothes are a lot smaller and I want them to stay looking nice, and not have me bulging out of them. Come to think, that wasn’t really difficult at all, was it?!

I’ve enjoyed doing this reading., I was really pleased with these three cards. I must admit, I was kind of dreading what I was going to draw in case they didn’t make sense, but as always, the tarot shows me that it knows what it’s talking about – which is more than I do half the time…!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Weekly reading April 7

The weight watching forum I belong to (SparkPeople, SparkTarot via AT) had this as one of this week’s challenges. A Three card Mind, Body, and Spirit reading on how I can become a healthier, happier person.

First a couple of links for anyone interested...

Six of Swords: Mind

Page of Swords:Body

The Fool.:Spirit

Well, the six is about journeys to calmer places so I just need to concentrate on the good things that are happening to me.(Like a 34lb loss!)

The Page of Swords shows a young man practising his fighting techniques, and I need to carry on practising my exercises so I don’t become sloven.

The Fool puts a really big smile on my face. He’s so happy and free, he’s dancing merrily on his way. One look at the spirit this young chap has, and my own is immediately lifted.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Weekly Reading March 26

Using Kat’s spread for the week again…

What did I do well? - Five of Swords

What should I leave behind? - Page of Wands

What should I take with me? – The World

What did I do well? - Five of Swords
Well this is a bit of a gruesome card for something I did well! Actually, I see myself as the protector here, and not the evil-looking guy about to dish out the couple’s fate.

A colleague at work is going through marriage break-up trauma and because I work closely with her, she’s been telling me everything in confidence. She’d also told one other who she lives near to. The other one she told had it round everywhere the same day but it was kept to whispers. I told no-one. Now it’s in the open anyway, and my colleague still thinks she has a good friend in the blabbermouth. I almost told her what had happened but decided not to. I’d rather keep a good reputation.

What should I leave behind? - Page of Wands
This small chap needs to stand on boxes to look over the wall at the horizon. I think this is telling me to leave behind all thoughts of things that I don’t think can be done. Almost anything’s achievable if I go about it in the right way.

What should I take with me? – The World
Positives! This is a lovely card and when I get it in any reading, I always feel uplifted. The World is there for the taking – onwards and upwards!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Weekly Reading March 20

Significator: Wheel of Fortune

2 – The Light: Page of Swords

3 – How sometimes you move into the shadow: The High Priest

4 – The Shadow: Ace of Wands

5 – How you can move into the light: Five of Wands

Looking at these cards sums up pretty much how I’m feeling health wise at the moment. I seem to have positives acting negative and vice versa. Getting The Wheel of Fortune as a significator says it all, I think.

Oh – foremost on my mind is my upcoming visit to the cardio unit early April, to sort out my abnormal condition.

I’ve never used a significator in tarot before so here goes…


Well, The Wheel of Fortune says it all, huh? Who knows what the doctor will say, or what tests they’ll want to do. My own doctor says an ECG and that’ll show them what tablets I need. Others I’ve talked to say they hope it’ll be that simple. So do I!

The one thing that does make me feel a little warmer about seeing this card is the fact that it has a spirit guide looking down on the riders. I really hope that this means my guides are telling me they’re watching and I’m going to be fine!

2 – The Light
Hmmm…The Page of Swords. I’m a bit surprised to find this card here because we’re talking about learners and messengers. I’m a learner with hospital ways, and this condition – perhaps a message again to say I’m thinking too much and it’s not helping me…?

3 - How sometimes you move into the shadow: The High Priest
This is very peculiar that the guy who I’d respect highly for religion, inner strength and knowledge - well, really seems to be warning me away here in this position.
I guess again, I need to chill about everything!

4 – The Shadow
This is creeping me out. I’ve been getting this Ace quite a lot lately and she’s been so supportive in my weight loss forum. All I can think is that in this instance, she’s telling me I don’t have my balance right, in this instance.

5 - How you can move into the light:
All I can think of with this Five of Wands is to fight when I need to. I’m going to be very careful as to what tablets I take, which sounds very flippant of me but I made a decision like this fifteen years ago about tablets for arthritis, too.
Had I taken my then doctor’s advice I’d have been on medication all this time. I knew I didn’t need them, so I refused and it’s been one of the best decisions I ever made. Still arthritis doesn’t plague me, although I’m told it will later in life.

Anyway, that’s my reading. To be honest, I don’t like it, I think it’s very negative and I’m disappointed. I almost decided not to post it here, but we have to take the bad with the good.

And I so looked forward to this spread! I think I’ll use it again very soon.

I actually thought about my choice of subject to do the reading about but as soon as I saw the Wheel, the hospital appointment sprung to mind. That’s why I decided to depress everyone who reads this…!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

SparkPeople Reading

How will I get along with Spark People?
Eight of Cups

This is interesting. There’s both happiness and sadness here, and to me this combination seems natural and healthy. There is the couple standing in the doorway – I was going to say happy with their lot, but are they? Do they want the woman to leave, or are they sad she’s going? She obviously has a heavy heart.

Now, on SparkPeople there are many groups to join. The reason I joined was because of SparkTarot but I’ve joined a couple of other groups besides, but I’ve not had chance to go to them yet! I wonder if this card is telling me I may have to choose…?

Apart from weight loss support, what else will I get from membership?
Ten of Swords

Another interesting card! I must admit these cards made me do a double-take as to what they meant, but they do make sense. This is the ‘dust yourself down and start over again’ card, and I’m taking that to mean I will make more different friends and conversations will be stimulating and make me think much more about diet and nutrition.

What about long term?
I’m back to my dear ol’ Two of Cups! I get the feeling that I’m going to love my new life there!

One other thing I noticed – There’s one Ten card and the other two cards add up to ten. It all suggests finalities. I’d been thinking on and off about finding an online dieting forum for support, and now I need look no further.

This feels as warm as I felt when I discovered AT. The esoteric part of me had found a home. Now the dieting and fitness freak inside me has found a home as well. :)