Sunday, 3 May 2009

Weekly Reading May 3

We've decided to buy a tent for a few day/weekends away this summer, (we used to camp all the time years ago)so I thought I'd draw a card to get a little insight.

Knight of Cups

Hmm...I've always seen this guy as too much of a dreamer. While the other Knights in the deck are interested in action and getting on, all this guy wants to get on with is his latest lament to a new pretty girl he's seen.

As usual, he's in a dream in this deck. So, looking for the positives...

It's a night time scene. There's an old Tudor house in the background. On the site we're planning to go to in the lake district, the pub is an old barn that's been converted, and it's beautiful. I'm wondering if we're going to meet people and enjoy ourselves, and come home with good memories. He has a rose that's he's enjoying - I wonder if everything's going to come up smelling of roses?

I certainly hope so!

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  1. I'd certainly see him as a positive omen, but maybe that's because he's been coming up for me a lot lately :) Seriously though, it's interesting the scene in the background is quite fitting for the camping scene that you are imagining. I sometimes link this knight to the imagination, so perhaps it means that things will turn out just as you imagine. I hope so.