Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Card of the Day March 11

Seven of Pentacles

Hi everyone - I'm hopefully back posting again after a bit of down-time. :)

I just drew this today and it fits in with my life at this moment in time - hard work, but in my case, losing weight!

I joined the tarot group in Spark People and they're very supportive so I'm hoping it will all work well.

I'll do my weekly reading on it tomorrow.


  1. Welcome back! We all need a bit of down-time every now and again...

  2. This is a nice card. I like that it seems a little more "active" than in other decks, and I love the warm colours. :) Another deck for my ever-growing wish list.

    I wonder if the SparkPeople group would help my mother... she's a newbie to tarot, and wants to lose weight.

  3. This is a nice card. Which deck are you using. I incorrectly thought it was the Druidcraft. I love the rich coloring.

  4. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments :)

    Onyx, it's the Anna K tarot.

    Angela - here's the link to SparkTarot, if you want to look.

  5. I have seen that it has created a bit of buzz on the AT forum but never checked it out. I now know why. Off to see where I can get one from my own.

  6. Hello! Good luck in your new venture. Btw, do you like gardening, firefrost? Is the card suggesting you should take up gardening? I bet sparkpeople have got a calorie-burn per hour figure for that! (Wonder how may cals p/h for reading tarot?:D) x